What Do I Do With This Blog?

I stopped updating this blog for a while. I got enamoured with the stats and numbers behind it, and found myself getting discouraged.

As much as I was telling myself it’s ok, I was disappointed.

There has been a slow decline in readership since I started.

I may have changed my job, taken on more projects, altered my life, and written in a range of places online. But that doesn’t deal with my experience of ‘what’s the fucking point?’

My career is changing, and I’d like to work for myself.

Writing this blog is a labour of love; a passion project – and once I reconnected with that, my resignation started to fall away. It isn’t about having followers and readers – although that’s nice. I have other projects that are far more focused on that.

This is just – something fun to do. It also keeps me disciplined with writing.

I’ve got enough material to keep going for a while. I don’t find it hard to write these short posts, and they are a kind of journal as to my state of mind (although there’s a time lag between what I was experiencing at the time, and their posting).

But I do think they can have some positive effect on others.

Continue to read, enjoy, reflect, and act.

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