The Daily Insight is project about finding a little inspiration every day; some space amidst the madness.

Update: Mon 29 Jul, 2019: I’m no longer updating this site. But I think there are still some valuable insights contained here. Enjoy!

My name is James. A few years ago I was faced with some difficult circumstances. I was already writing on another blog, and I had just got a Twitter account.

I think of myself as creative – perhaps no more than any one else – but I find I enjoy articulating things in language.

I began collecting my thoughts in response to what I was dealing with in my daily life and tweeting them under #dailyinsight. My challenge became to distil something interesting/ inspirational/ insightful/ playful/ challenging/ thoughtful or wise (delete as appropriate) into the 140 character limit.

People began sharing and commenting on them. I assembled them into a diary post every month on my blog.

Then a couple of people suggested I create a website. To what end, I’m not quite sure. But I think there’s an audience for something short and inspiring that people can dip in and out of, or follow regularly.

I don’t claim to have the answer to everything, or to be a brilliant success in all I do. But I am proud of my use of words. And writing one sentence a day keeps me in the habit of writing.

So, I’ve started writing and collecting my thoughts and presenting them daily. Read and make of them what you will. Perhaps gain a little inspiration.

Insights will be posted every day at 8am (UK time).

The ideas are timeless and based on stuff I’ve read, heard and experienced. I’ve put my own spin on them. The closest word that comes to explaining what these thoughts actually are, is ‘aphorism‘.

Enjoy and Take Action.


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